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Your FAQs

What if I'm not sure where to invest?

For some investors nothing beats the thrill of choosing their own stocks and shares. Others prefer to entrust the choice of shares to experts and choose funds. With your Pension & Investment Plan you can invest with the UK's finest fund managers.

You'll also receive regular reviews on funds that Hargreaves Lansdown believes have good prospects to help you decide for yourself where to invest.

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If you don't want to choose your own investments, within the SIPP your fund will automatically be invested in the company default investment.

The Stocks & Shares ISA and Fund & Share Account are designed for investors who are happy making their own investment decisions. If you're unsure where to invest - you can hold your money as cash and decide where to invest later.

There are no costs to hold cash in your Pension & Investment Plan and it can provide you with interest on the value.

SIPP charges & interest rates

ISA charges & interest rates

Fund & Share Account charges & interest rates

What happens if I leave the company?

Rarely these days do people have one job for their entire working life. No matter what stage you are at in your career, you should always consider being part of an employers' pension plan or having your own pension plan.

Your employer recognises this and has ensured the SIPP is fully portable.

Your pension fund will be held within your own personal account. If you leave the company, you can keep your pension fund where it is. You can continue to make contributions by setting up a direct debit, or by cheque and you'll continue to benefit from the same online access, the same investment choice and the same costs.

You could even ask your new employer to make contributions into it.

How will I know how well my investments are performing?

Four times a year you will be sent a simple statement covering all of your investments and detailing how well they have performed. This means less paperwork, less time and less hassle. In addition, at the end of the tax year you will be sent a consolidated tax certificate to help you with your tax return.

Can I get financial advice?

Hargreaves Lansdown's services are designed to help you make your own investment decisions without giving you advice. Most people find that this information is sufficient, but if you require financial advice this can be made available to you by Hargreaves Lansdown, or you can speak to your own financial adviser. Hargreaves Lansdown charge a fee for providing advice.

Important information

Please remember tax rules can change and benefits depend on individual circumstances. When you invest the value of your investments can rise and fall so you could get back less than you invest.

Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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