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HL Multi-Manager Funds

HL Multi-Manager funds offer a broad, managed portfolio of funds through a single investment, for those who wish to leave the choice of underlying funds to our experts. Because the day-to-day work of researching and managing investments is taken care of for you, they have a higher annual charge than some other funds.

For first time investors in need of a simple way to invest in the stock market or for more experienced investors looking for a broadly based fund around which to group specialised holdings, each HL Multi-Manager fund provides a professionally monitored portfolio of what we believe are some of the best fund managers in their field.

Remember the value of investments can fall as well as rise, so you could get back less than you invest.

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Why HL Multi-Manager funds?

Make it easy on yourself

  • Actively managed - Once you've chosen the right Multi-Manager fund for you, your professional manager will monitor your holdings for you and make changes when the time's right.
  • Diversification - The objectives of each Multi-Manager fund are different but they all aim to offer a well diversified portfolio so you're not over-exposed to any one particular area.
  • Ease and simplicity - Over time investments tend to be acquired piecemeal. Switching them into a Multi-Manager fund can bring balance to your portfolio, save you time and tax, and increase performance potential.

Save on tax

  • Tax savings - Within Multi-Manager funds, the managers can make changes whenever they see fit without having to pay capital gains tax (CGT). You only pay CGT when you sell if the gain takes you over your annual CGT limit. Gains within an ISA or SIPP are tax-free anyway.

    Remember tax rules can change over time and the value of any tax benefits will depend on your circumstances.

Important information

Remember, the value of investments can fall as well as rise, so you could get back less than you invest. The HL Multi-Manager funds are for investors who prefer to make their own investment decisions, without advice. The choice of underlying investments within the funds does not take your personal circumstances into consideration.

The HL Multi-Manager funds are managed by our sister company Hargreaves Lansdown Fund Managers.

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