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Important Investment Notes


Product Specific

Pension contribution checklist

Please read carefully. Particularly important if you have made, or plan to make, large pension contributions.

Most UK residents under 75 can contribute to a personal pension and benefit from tax relief. However there are restrictions of which you need to be aware.

This is a brief summary of the main rules and cannot cover every nuance. For more information we have annual allowance & carry forward and lifetime allowance factsheets. If you have any questions please call our Pensions Helpdesk. If you are still unsure they can put you in touch with a financial adviser.

Pensions transfer checklist

Read before transferring pensions.

You could enjoy many benefits when you transfer to the HL SIPP, but could also lose valuable features of your old pension(s). Give extra consideration to these factors if approaching retirement as you will have less time to make up for any losses.

The following factors commonly apply:

In some cases you could also lose:

We do not check what benefits you would lose or penalties you would incur. It is your responsibility to ensure a transfer is right for you. Your transfer will proceed on the basis your current plan is not subject to any existing or proposed trustee in bankruptcy orders, earmarking orders, pension sharing orders or other receiving orders unless you inform us otherwise. There is no guarantee any funds you choose will perform better than those transferred. We will ask your provider to transfer your pension as quickly as possible. If they make a same-day CHAPS payment there may be a charge. If you are at all unsure a transfer is right for you, please contact us for personal advice before proceeding.

This is based on our understanding of current legislation and proposed changes. Correct as at 24 March 2022. The government can and do change the rules.


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